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What Our Clients Say...

Our dealership group has trusted Austin Consulting with our insurance needs for more than 20 years. We wouldn’t think of making this major investment without the expertise of Roger Beery and ACG. You shouldn’t either....David Wilson (President – Wilson Auto Group – Toyota of Orange)


Our organization with dealerships in several states has utilized Austin Consulting for 15 years now.  They simplify a very complex decision making process and without doubt help us contain our insurance costs…Stuart Ray (CFO Davis Moore Automotive)


 Austin knows who will be strong in the market. They know who to ask for bids. They show you where every thing is covered in each quote, and give an accurate comparison of the different policies. They make it easy to make a tough decision... Kit Tennyson (Tennyson Chevrolet)


Having been a client of Austin Consulting for over 25 years, we have seen a myriad of changes in the insurance industry, but Roger’s team has kept us on the leading edge of what coverage we need and at what price. They take all the hassle out of buying protection, allowing my team to concentrate on our business...Mike Dever (Performance Autoplex)


We dealers have so many different decisions to make on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, it boggles one's mind.  Unfortunately, we cannot be "experts" at everything!  Since I have hired Austin Consulting Group several years ago, insurance decisions have been one important decision that I have had to fret over much less.  The experts, Stephen Graves in particular, have given me confidence that I am getting the best insurance coverage at the best price possible…Ralph Sellers (Ralph Sellers Chrysler Dodge Jeep)


I hate dealing with insurance. Austin Consulting does all the hard work and analysis so I can spend my time on other important dealership matters. They objectively explain my options with all insurers so I make the right decision...Chris Wachs (Reed Nissan – Kia)


Stephen Graves and Austin Consulting Group, Inc. have provided an invaluable service to my organization over the past several years. During the last eighteen months, Austin Consulting Group, Inc. is one of the only expenses that I have not considered cutting...Chris Elliott (Elliott Motors)


Austin Consulting, led by Roger Beery, has been one of our most trusted advisors for the last ten years.  Truly independent and objective, Austin has helped us save 10-20% on our insurance premiums.   Shawn Dye, our Austin consultant, knows the insurance market.  He brought in additional insurance companies to bid on our business, companies we didn't know even existed in our market.   If you are a dealer still trying to compare policies and premiums without independent help, you need to call Austin today...David Nappa (Nappa Toyota & Wayne Ford)


Austin Consulting is an integral part of our management team. I find value in their objective insurance expertise, especially during these tough times. They are able to decisively sort out the difference between insurance fact and fiction all year long...Andy Vogt (Galles Motors – Galles Chevrolet)


ACG always has insightful things to ask insurance companies that end up saving us money... Getting all the insurance companies to be all bidding the same coverage is hard work but well worth it... Scott Adams (Adams Toyota)


Austin Consulting Group does a great job of taking the guesswork out of insurance. From making sure the coverages that are quoted fit the needs of your dealership to the negotiation with the various insurance carriers, they handle it all. This allows me more time to focus on the daily needs and challenges of our business…Brent Brown (Frank Brown Auto and Truck Ranch)


I have been using the services of Austin Consulting Group in the neighborhood of ten years now.  I have used them at any and every dealership I have worked for in the past and still do today.  Stephen Graves and his team’s knowledge of coverage and market conditions is unbeatable. 


Stephen is a straight shooter and well worth his cost.  If he and the team at Austin don’t save your dealership their fees in premium, which they always have for me, they’ll save it in the long run by insuring you have the proper coverage.


With today’s rigorous duties, it’s nearly impossible to maintain the knowledge of insurance and its ever-changing state.  Austin Consulting is always on top of the curve with information affecting regional markets, the nature of claim “weather” and who the real players are in the marketplace.  This information requires constant updating – and can be a monumental task for decision makers, considering the barrage of other things we have to deal with daily.


Austin Consulting assures me and my company that I have achieved the best deal and have the proper coverage and has done so year after year.  I highly recommend them to anyone who may be considering their services…Steve Richardson (Controller – Jupiter Chevrolet)


One of the biggest mistakes a dealer can make is over paying for insurance. The second is not having an independent party evaluate your coverage needs. Austin consulting is the answer to get you the right coverage at a great price…Forrest McConnell (McConnell Imports)


What I like about Austin Consulting is not only have they saved our company thousands of dollars over the past few years by bidding our insurance to numerous companies that I never thought of, but after we choose the company we want to work with they review our insurance to make sure we are covered in every area that we were promised. They make the renewal time a whole lot easier….Ronnie Fox (Fox Toyota)


Since I started working with Shawn Dye at Austin Consulting Group six years ago I have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced insurance costs. Add to that all of the hours we’ve saved in collecting and reviewing insurance bids makes my relationship with Austin Consulting Group one of the biggest cost saving programs at my dealerships….Michael Rosengarden (Autohaus on Edens)


I have used Austin Consulting for many years. I have received a significant ROI, with both enhanced coverage and premium savings. The service level is exceptional….Tim Higgins (Saratoga Honda)


I would value our relationship with Austin Consulting Group for the past 16 years as invaluable.  Austin has helped us in the analysis of our insurance needs, and has resulted in the savings of thousands of dollars in annual insurance cost savings and giving us the confidence to make sure we have no voids in our insurance coverage’s, and getting us the most competitive quote in the marketplace.  We would highly recommend the services of Austin Consulting and the expertise of Shawn Dye...Gary Stanford (Les Stanford Chevrolet - Cadillac)


We have been using Austin for over ten years. Our consultant helps to assemble a complete package of information in advance so that each insurer is quoting from the same basis. They help us review the various quotes that we receive and compare the coverages quoted. They review the policies to ensure that we get what was quoted, and help with questions that arise throughout the year... George Fritze (Red River Motor Company)


I’ve used Austin Consulting for more years than I’d care to remember.  Shawn, and previously Howard, have consistently provided outstanding results.  The bid process provides you with a great “apples to apples” comparison between the various insurance products...Dale Boemler (Boemler Auto Center)   

 With Shawn Dye at Austin Consulting Group as my risk manager, I don’t have to worry about any dealership insurance issues and I know that I have the best insurance coverage at the best price available in the marketplace keeping more profits in my dealership... Keith Kocourek (Kocourek Chevrolet)