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Why Use a Consultant at All?
Most auto dealership insurers are direct writers; therefore, their agents cannot "shop" the market.
Independent agents and brokers say they can "shop" the market, however, they have no access to direct writers or other companies that they do not have contracts with.
Since agents and brokers are compensated by the insurance company, there is a direct conflict of interest if they claim to be working solely on your behalf.
ACG works with auto dealer-oriented insurance companies every day. We have the clout to negotiate the very best deals for your dealership.
Because ACG works only for you, the Dealer, we can be objective with only your best interests in mind.
Why Should I Bid My Insurance Coverages?
Over the past twenty years, insurance has become more de-regulated in both coverage forms and rates. As a result, insurance carriers must be persuaded to put their best price and coverage forward. A competitive bid process does just that.
How Often Should I Bid My Coverage?
Annually. Each year insurers change their pricing and underwriting standards. It pays to stay aggressive.
Can My Agent Bid My Insurance For Me?
No. Each agent or broker represents only a small segment of the market and they can only deal with these carriers. They also cannot reach the direct writer portion of the market.
Does Austin Consulting Group, Inc. Also Sell Insurance?
No. ACG, Inc. is never involved in the sale of insurance. We never take commissions and fees from agents, brokers or insurance companies. We stay objective for our clients.
My Agent Says I Should Not Bid And Build Loyalty. Is This True?
If I was an agent, I would say that too. Insurers want you to be loyal as long as it is profitable for them. There are just too many examples of insurers canceling all or part of a dealer's insurance program or jacking up premiums with little notice and concern for the dealer. Loyalty to insurers is a one way street.
Can ACG, Inc. Help Us With Other Insurance Matters Such As Audits, Modifiers And Claim Issues?
Yes. We have done such things for our clients for a quarter century.
Can ACG, Inc. Help Us With Our Health Insurance?
In certain circumstances, yes we can.