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Your first priority is selling cars - not worrying about garage insurance coverage. We take the headaches and worry out of analyzing bids and coverage for you. We are in the dealership insurance marketplace every day. We know the ins and outs, and speak the language. We represent your needs, not the insurance company's, and we only work for you.


We invite you to join hundreds of other successful new car dealers who have saved millions of insurance dollars by bidding their auto dealership insurance program. Year after year they benefit from the Assertive and Aggressive Insurance Bidding System offered by Austin Consulting Group.


For thirty years, the experienced staff at Austin Consulting Group, Inc. has consulted with over 500 auto dealerships in almost every state. We don't sell insurance - we specialize in analyzing and bidding property and casualty insurance for new car dealerships. And, we are recognized as the leading auto dealership insurance and risk management consulting practice.


Why Bid?


"Why should I bid my dealership insurance coverage every year?" The insurance market is in a constant state of flux. The best deal last year may not be the best deal this year. Insurers respond to competition. And the only way to be sure you're getting the best price is to open the door to competitive bids before your renewal. Once you get your renewal it's too late, and you're locked into your current policy for another year.


ACG puts you in the driver's seat by getting insurance companies to compete for your business. Advantages of Using Austin Consulting Group, Inc.

  • Your ACG “in-house risk manager” works for you, so you can be assured that your interests are represented. Unlike agents and brokers who are compensated by the insurance companies, our fees are paid by our clients. Our loyalty lies with you, our client, and ensuring your needs are met.
  • Insurance bidding is a frustrating, complicated and time-consuming process. ACG manages the entire process from start to finish for you, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.
  • We can deal with all carriers including direct writers, whereas agents or brokers represent only selected companies. This lets us provide you with a broader range of options to choose from.
  • Because we've been in business for 30 years, the insurance companies know us, and understand we mean business. We've got the clout to negotiate the very best insurance deals for your dealership, while making sure you don't sacrifice coverage.

ACG is There for You Every Year


Since insurers change their pricing and underwriting standards every year, it pays to stay aggressive and bid your auto dealership insurance annually.


ACG will step into the ring for you year in, year out to ensure you are still getting the best coverage for the best possible price.


ACG Has the Expertise You Need


Austin Consulting Group, Inc. is well-known and respected throughout the U.S. car dealer network and insurance industry.


Combined, the staff at ACG has over 75 years of experience helping dealers find the best insurance at the very best price.

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Even if you just renewed your dealership insurance coverage, get ACG started now on the bidding process for next year. Don't let your insurer hold you hostage year after year because of last-minute renewals and lack of planning.


Get the best coverage for the best price. Simply contact ACG, Inc. (email) today, and you can get ACG started working for you.